Married and father of a nine children’s family, Sylvain Ndoutingaï grew up in Bossanga within a peasant family. After obtaining a degree in Business Administration in Bangui, he furthered his education in Ivory Coast and graduated from the Higher Institute of Cocody with a Masters in Management and Public Finance. This period of higher education is also the time of his first commitments in various youth movements, engagements that he doubles up with different jobs in the field of finance to pay for his studies.

After completing his graduate studies, he moved towards a military career and passed the entrance examination for the Officers’ Academy of Thies in Senegal. He was assigned as an officer in Territorial Operational Defense Regiment when getting out of the school in September 2000. Thereafter, he completed this course of active military service with others military trainings for Military Staff officers in different countries of Africa, such as Mali, and climbed the hierarchy to become Colonel of the Central Africa Army.

In 2002 he opposes the abuses of the MLC mercenaries on the population of his country. Identified during this period for his attitude and actions by François Bozizé, Sylvain Ndoutingaï is called in 2003 to the government. At 30 he became Minister of Mines, Energy and Water. Until 2012, he carries several important reforms in different sectors: Mining, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Finance and Budget. These stringent regulatory actions to establish clear and legal rules in these areas and thus boost the development of the country are producing success stories. But they also face an established system of wastage and of the country’s wealth capture by vested interest system.

Political commitment led him to coordinate and chair the organization of the general assembly of the KNK party in 2009. Elected Member of the parliament from Berberati precinct against former President Patassé, he was director of the successful presidential campaign of François Bozizé in 2011. Despite this political weight, it is blocked in the actions for further reforms he wants to implement as Minister of State for Finance and Budget. These deep disagreements and reactions they elicit from officials within the political leadership which he belongs to, forced him into exile in 2012.

He exercises since as a consultant in the field of political economy.

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